In keeping with IBL’s commitment to continually expand our product portfolio and support our global partners, IBL Lighting are pleased to announce that on April 1st, IBL acquired the business of LIGHTKIT. 


Designed by designers for designers, LIGHTKIT developed a range of architectural lighting fixtures for the residential and hospitality markets globally.


The LIGHTKIT product portfolio is in keeping with the IBL ethos of utilising the latest technology for specific architectural lighting applications. IBL intends on incorporating our LED technology into the LIGHTKIT range, continuing our commitment to constantly develop new product groups that are relevant to the international markets we work in.


Information on the LIGHTKIT range, including detailed product data sheets, technical specifications and downloads can be found at www.lightkit.co 


As with all IBL products, LIGHTKIT will be available via IBL exclusive partners globally. 


Australia: Light Project sales@lightproject.com.au

New Zealand: LIGHTKIT NZ carl@lightkit.co.nz

Asia: Creative Lighting Asia sales@cla.asia

India: LSI sales@lsiindia.com

UK: info@ibl.co.uk


We look forward to keeping our clients and distributors informed on future product developments from both IBL and LIGHTKIT.


Tuesday, July 2, 2019